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Passito D.O.C. | • Passito of Caluso D.O.C.G. 2018

€ / bott. 0.50

€ 14,90


Passito of Caluso is obtained by Erbaluce wine, only when intact and healthy grapes reach an excellent ripeness.
Particular cares brought to the vineyard (spampinatura, spollonatura)tied with high exposure to sunshine of our hills, allow the grapes to put on a golden colour and a high sugary content.
After a careful selection during the grape harvest, only intact and ripe grapes are chosen to produce this noble wine. Grapes are placed on trellis works or hanged by their peduncle in airy rooms (“passitaie”) and let to dry up till March. Then they will be pressed.
This grapes nectar will cause to mature for 3 years at least. During this period wonderful aromas and flavours will develop at their best.


Its colour can change from golden yellow to dark amber. It owns a sweet, harmonious, full and velvety flavour, a light, etheric scent that reminds to dried figs smell.
Alcoholic content: 13-14,5°


Thanks to its well balanced connection alcohol-sugar and the very pleasant taste, Passito is excellent with dry pastries, bitter chocolate and strong and grassy cheese.